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Skilled coaching and mentoring can provide a winning team for your organisation but only with the correct coach of choice...


For individuals and teams to consistently achieve at a high level professionally it is imperative that they receive expert coaching, much the same as the manager of a sports team would engage expert coaching for their players to win a championship.


The PiPP philosophy is that we all have the capability to achieve brilliance in our chosen area of expertise but there are many reasons why we fail to reach our professional potential, in fact so many that we have chosen to sum this up as  ‘life intervened’.


At the outset, I will work with your organisation to define coaching targets for individuals and/or teams and every coaching programme I develop will be tailored to achieve these objectives. Coaching can show some immediate benefits in terms of attitude, skill levels and motivation but over time the results of a positive coaching experience will be evident in a more tangible manner.


There are many reasons why performance can decline; unrealistic targets, different skills needed in a role, unclear methodology and strategy, outside influences etc. (we could go on) but at PiPP we work on the principles that by putting the right measures/indicators in place, that are easy to understand, manage and take action, will put  you or your team on the path to success.

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As your business works to refocus or change direction, so must your people.


As your business works to refocus or change direction, so must your people.  Adapting to new roles, a change of focus or embracing new direction all need to be addressed at the heart of your organisation to ensure changes are understood first by individuals, and then at a team level, where thinking and behaviour are re-aligned.


To assess the development work required, I use a combination of diagnostic observation and 1-1 assessments.  Once I have a good understanding of what is required to align with your company objectives, I present my programme design recommendations to you. Even at this early stage in working with you, I will have begun to form relationships with your people and have established some familiarity with the culture of your organisation which is an essential part of adapting our delivery style.


Even for those among us who are said to be ‘born leaders’ there are some formal expectations and behaviours required to inspire others and provide organisational leadership going forward.
Becoming an effective leader is a very personal journey whether an individual is receiving development expertise from within a large group or through 1-1 sessions.  The PiPP delivery style enhances the leadership journey from self discovery to empowerment by injecting energy and passion every step of the way.

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Mentoring for Success

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Effective mentoring hinges on the mentor’s ability to build a productive and nurturing relationship with an individual.  The long-term benefits of the mentee’s personal and professional development must be central to their commitment.
I have engendered this belief within my company so that a PiPP consultant is by nature passionate about enabling people to perform to their best and the results of this can be seen in every programme delivered, but none more so than mentoring. 
The extensive breadth of experience I have is crucial when mentoring as I know that for a mentor to be a great mentor, I must be knowledgeable, inspiring and genuinely feel enthusiastic in their work with a mentee.

Here’s how I can help you create a supportive mentoring environment:

  • Ensuring you are in a position to identify the specific mentoring needs of individuals

  • Building the framework of a mentoring programme tailored to your business

  • Selection of suitable mentors

  • Matching mentors to mentees

  • Support and guidance for mentors throughout their work with individuals

  • Professional development for mentors

When you combine my passion with my ability to establish a successful mentoring programme, both mentors and mentees will reap the rewards, which in turn will benefit your organisation as a whole. 

Please contact me or email Pippa directly to discuss coaching for your organisation.

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"Change will not come if you wait for some other person or some other time"

Barack Obama

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