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Non Executive Director

We energise people to transform business as we believe inspired people lead change.
We inspire change through our co-created, champion-led approach, a proven process of involvement, ownership and commitment.
We understand the commercial challenges you face and we help you solve them by developing your leadership skills and commercial capabilities; delivering profitable growth and a sustainable legacy of change.

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Corporate Business Coach

As a business we focus exclusively on delivering specialist 
Outplacement & Career Transition | Coaching & Development | High Performing Teams | Talent & Career Management

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Kingston Chamber of Commerce was established in 1905 by the mayor of Kingston, the local newspaper, and Bentalls. The goal was to encourage local businesses to share common issues and to give them a voice to influence local decision-making. Kingston merged with New Malden and Surbiton chambers in the early 1990s. It became the Royal Borough of Kingston Chamber of Commerce, representing the interests of business communities across the borough. We remain an independent organisation, operating on a not-for-profit basis.

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DeBono Accredited Trainer

Indigo delivers globally recognised training programmes and tailored management development solutions, both in the UK and worldwide. Focusing on creativity, thinking skills, written and verbal business communication, project, programme, stakeholder and change management training - the skills your people and organisation need to be successful.

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Professional Guidance

We’re category, shopper and sales specialists devoted to helping you drive profitable growth for your brands. We transform data and research into practical and dependable insight that you can act upon with absolute confidence. Our team provides consultancy, research, training and outsourced services to get your products onto the right retail shelves and into shoppers’ baskets. We’re here to drive commercial performance – revealing real opportunities and helping you to capitalise on them and compete successfully.



Student Mentor

Supporting Kingston university students from minority groups, BAME, Disability, 1st HE Generation, through 121 coaching and mentoring in their first study year.

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Partners & Clients: Testimonials

Great career coaching with a warm dose of humanity.
Really appreciated the support. the structure and guidance . Having someone to help self reflect was very useful and help put a pathway to resolution.

N Lata

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