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Passionate Coaching Professional

The PiPP Consultancy was formed out of a genuine desire to help put people and their development at the heart of organisations.
My background is in retail, FMCG, Media and start-ups. I worked as a buyer for Sainsbury’s, created and developed the UK’s first 100% organic store, headed up a new retail division for Emap magazines and managed multimillion pound sales teams.
I have walked the walk in your shoes and I am here to give back. I want to coach, develop and mentor you and your career so that you can achieve and spread passion within your organisation.

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My career was on track and life was good, but then everything changed when my husband, the father of our three children, died following a terminal illness. Shortly after that I was made redundant.

Grief was unchartered territory; made even worse by the additional worry of not knowing how I was going to survive financially. All I knew was that my children needed me more than ever.

There was no question of me going back to a regular day job as my needs had changed, the demands on me had changed and at that stage I had no idea where I was heading.

With the support and guidance of a brilliant grief counsellor, I was able to navigate a way forward. He helped me work through my redundancy and encouraged me to identify my values – integrity, reliability, value, trust, drive and being as good as you say you are.

I was urged to think about what I wanted to do, what I loved and how I could make a difference within the parameters of this new life I was forced to carve out for myself.

I had such immense gratitude for this coach and this sparked a lightbulb moment – I wanted to do the same for others. I turned to him and said: “I want your job.”

He suggested I run my own coaching business so I set up The PiPP Consultancy and really focused on how I could be useful.

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From the outset, I knew I wanted to work with people who shared my values - integrity, passion and a certain joie de vivre in life and work.  My ideal client is somebody who sees that people are not a commodity, they are the heart and soul of an organisation and the most important element when it comes to making a difference.

 Vision, strategy, team building, clear communication and leadership skills are all essential and I’ve found that it can be challenging for those who are leading and managing a team. It requires a very particular skill set and excellent self-awareness, but we all have blind spots and self-imposed limitations. It’s my job to shine a light on those and to help you and your team find the inner brilliance that is waiting to be unleashed.

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It is my genuine desire to support and coach others to being as good as they want to be. Passion is at the heart of my business and I want to make it the heart of yours too


With honest feedback, clearly defined goals and open communication channels, you can trust me to meet your career and organisational objectives. Trust is a 2 way street, and so I ask you as a client to also be committed to achieving progress.


Transparency, honesty and openness are the principles that underpin my ways of working. This enables me to be consistent and consultative in all I do.

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